Pre -Selection… What’s going on in her head before she even knows your alive


Pre selection, no the military draft board isn’t knocking on your door. Pre selection is a psychological term that delves into the subconscious of living things. In this case we will talk about the terabyte computer motherboard otherwise known as the female mind…

(It can be done…I think).


Females tend to prefer males who have already been chosen ( pre selected) by other females of their species as having high value.


Now that may sound like some kooky mumbo jumbo and in a lot of cases it probably is but in the male /female mating ritual of attraction it plays a critical role. I believe that the difference between the guy who is getting more snapper than a Japanese fisherman and a teenager locked in the attic with his dads hidden stash of Playboy magazines and a 1 gallon jar of Vaseline is based a lot on how they handle pre selection.


You, as a male must have some perceived value for other females to be interested in you.

One critical way to create perceived value is to have other women around you. Don’t have other women around you?


No problem.


Create the perception that you are valued by other women.


You can do this verbally as humans do all the time or non verbally as is seen in the animal world all the time. Verbally it is done with with subtle comments like ‘ Of all the women I’ve had in my life I just can’t seem to find the natural connection I’m seeking’ or ‘ I just want to take a break from women for awhile and find out who I am, it’s been years since I was single’. Comments like those are telling her you have been ‘chosen’ as a high value male and YOU are deciding not to be chosen, she will want you more. It can be done with non verbal cues as well but for now let’s focus on what comes out your mouth.


We see in nature all the time the male animal that is having the most sex is the the animal attracting the most sex and visa versa ( good circle to be in) . There is proven pheromone evidence for this which I will discuss in another article later.


Females perceive these males as high value. Why are all these other females having sex with this one male? He must be doing something right….right? I want to try him out. This is what is going through her head. This is the root of all sexual connections.


Example: If you went to a club with two beautiful women at your side fawning all over you, the other women in the club would perceive value in you because other females have pre selected you and value is created. They would naturally, biologically and undeniably be interested in this male who possesses such an ability to attract other females. Can you see the value here? If your in a club sitting in the corner staring into a glass or faking smiles, looking lost…There is no pre selective value in you. You are content in your loneliness.


I have seen it literally thousands of times in clubs, on the street, in any pickup environment, guys just lost, clueless. I have also seen the guy who has the pre selection tricks all figured out ( refer back to the Japanese fisherman here).


Lack of understanding pre selection in this situation is one of the small things a guy does that keeps him from ever having a chance at planting his seed. It’s been called many things throughout history from ‘ Ug go’ to ‘get lost’ to ‘can I roll my eyes any more so you can see you don’t have a chance’….You get the pic.


History has had a term for this since the beginning of time because men haven’t figured it out since the beginning of time.


It is essentially a genetic code that women are born with that tells them their entire life who they will let in and who they will keep out. You want to be in…perpetually. The ‘selection’ is a process that happens, sometimes within seconds, that causes her to think one way or the other. 


Now…here’s where men f*#k it up all the time. We go into a situation with some pre conceived notion of what a woman wants….and we’re usually wrong.

Usually we get these notions from advertisers and years of media brainwashing. We are told that women want a guy with a nice car, lots of hair, big muscles, nice house etc…. However, a woman’s pre selection DNA ( where all the real action takes place) is telling her she wants a guy who will love her, take care of her, not cheat on her, kiss her and give her attention etc…


I can tell you from years of observance of the mating ritual and personal ‘relations’ with hundreds of women that your pocketbook, hairline, muscles, car etc…are so frigging far down the line you have no idea. Don’t play the game! Just by not playing the game your already more attractive to the opposite sex!


I just read a statistic that 97% of women think bald is sexy. This is just one example. Now if your bald walking around trying to hide the fact of who you really are or wishing you had more hair, essentially showing the world your not confident, you are just hurting yourself and keeping the snapper away. Embrace it, show your confidence, it’s who you are anyway right? Men do this kinda stuff to themselves all the time, they sabotage potential.

Additionally, most guys go into the mating game with all the superficial crap out front and center. For a guy who knows how the game really works it’s hard to watch. The stuff we think they want is completely different from what they really desire!


Meanwhile the confident guy who is making her feel important ( genetic), who is listening

( genetic), who is calm and cool ( genetic) is racking up the snapper.


I have said it over and over in all my books: Go to her genetic code. Understand her pre determined needs. Pretend it’s 500 years ago. No car ( BS of the day), no fat wallet ( BS of the day), no fancy clothes ( BS of the day), no perfect family pedigree (BS of the day). Even back then we saw the same vikings getting the snapper and I’m pretty sure 500 years ago he wasn’t driving a Porsche or wearing Gucci shoes.


In a nutshell: Be cool, be calm, be in control, listen, talk less, appeal to her physiological desires, make her feel good while she is in your presence and forget the BS of the day.


A hundred + years ago during the Victorian Age the ideal sexy woman had an ass the size of Rhode Island, this is what was attractive to males at the time. In the 60s super skinny and free love was in ( Damn, kinda miss the free love part). In the 80s big hair and tight leather pants were sexy. What is sexy today? Guess what? It doesn’t matter because tomorrow it will be something new…Yadda yadda yadda.


Point is: Our perceptions can change day to day but her innate desires for romance and security remain the same, as they have since the beginning of time. So focus on where her decisions/desires really take place.


Focus on understanding her needs, her subconscious need to see value in you.

I’m on your side. Whats on your mind?


Greg is a graduate of Chico State University and currently has two published books: Surviving Divorce and Broken Hearts and Trigger Her Attraction a Caveman’s Guide to the Mating Game which is now an Amazon bestseller.


He is wrapping up his third book: True Secrets of the Male Mind How We Really Think About Love, Sex and of Course….You.


He can be reached at Check out the book

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