Iamhere4u – Chat Helpline

Iamhere4u – Chat Helpline                                                                                   


(Empowering people through Chatlines)





Iamhere4u is an innovative phone helpline for people who may be experiencing traumatic situations in their life. Whether you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, relationship problems or anything else, our friendly staff are available to talk to you through our helplines. Here at Iamhere4u, we are dedicated to providing unbiased, honest support to you. We understand that sometimes in life, difficult moments and experiences do happen, and it’s always best to talk to somebody and vent your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, if you decide to talk with a friend or family member, it can often result in arguments arising from a conflict of interest. Through our helplines, our friendly staff at Iamhere4u will listen to your problems or current situation and help you find solutions that will put your mind at ease.




As we go through life, we experience knocks and bumps that put us down. There is not a single thing in the world that is so bad that it can’t be resolved or made better. Sometimes, you just need to voice your thoughts and let your opinion out. If you don’t have anybody near you, or perhaps you’re feeling lonely, this can be difficult. Our specialists at Iamhere4u are trained to help you overcome negative feelings. The majority of our callers are actually people who are feeling lonely as they miss their loved ones. These moments of loneliness can often leave you feeling helpless and vulnerable. The operators at Iamhere4u are real people who have most likely experienced a similar situation to you. They will have consulted someone else in the past; they know the problems you’re going through and they know that it’s serious.  They aim to help you find comfort, hope, happiness and empowerment through their dialogue with you.




Our helpline is available around the clock and you can call us from anywhere in the world. The service is 100% confidential – no recordings are made and no one listens in. If you ever feel lonely, or just need to talk, rest assured that Iamhere4u will enable you to voice your feelings, explore your options and find peace.




Dr. Andrea Campbell


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