Couples Therapy

It’s popular knowledge how falling in love is an easy feat to accomplish. It may not even only be popular knowledge but also popular experience. A lot of people have fallen into the trap of experiencing love too fast too soon. The problem with this is the even faster flaming out of a love that you thought was “the one.” This is why you see people falling in and out of lovefaster than the maximum speed you can go on a freeway. And with divorce being so easily achievable these days, marriage bonds can be broken as soon as you realize that you don’t like how the person you just married sneezes—or some other shallow a reason as that.

A lot of the couples who wanted to figure out “where the love went” but couldn’t often resulted to doing a lot of things that led to the eventual dissolution of the marriage. Depending on the feeling of being in love to fuel your years together spells disaster right at the face of it. Keeping the marriage intact needs more than just the presence of a feeling, but it requires the decision to stay in love with a person even during the days when you don’t feel like it. It takes effort to persevere through life’s challenges with your partner as being married has more complicated troubles in store compared to being single.

Citing a different scenario, there are also a lot of couples that go for a divorce even if they don’t want to but push through anyway simply because they have no idea on how to manage the relationship from a shaky vantage point. The phrase “I love you, but this isn’t working out” is also one of the typically thrown around reasons for relationships to reach the sad end of the trail. Luckily, as long as two people are willing to try to make things work, there is still hope for them to save the relationship or the marriage. There is where couples therapy can come in.

couples therapyCouples therapy is akin to marriage counseling but is broader in a sense that it caters to more than just married individuals. Since not all couples are married, this wordplay suggests a more favorable and tasteful alternative to consulting someone who advertises dealing with married patients. People both in and out of marriage can undergo couples therapy as a means to solving relationship problems and concerns.  Being in the presence of a third-party professional who is bound by the laws and morals of confidentiality and secrecy is an assurance that a couple can afford to be as open and as honest as they can be without the fear of what they share about themselves being public knowledge. And because therapists who conduct the consultative sessions are educated and trained professionals in their craft, clients can expect to get tried and tested interventions that have proven to be effective in solving other couples’ problems in the past.

Undergoing couples therapy will enable individuals to realize a lot about their relationship, about their partner, and about their selves. The therapist will be able probe certain issues that a couple is too sensitive to resolve as well as guide the clients through creating workable system by which they can settle their differences. Couples therapy has helped a lot of relationships flourish and deal with concerns that prevent the progress and growth of two people. It does not promise that two people will stay together after attending counseling sessions, but it helps the couple come clean with the position of the relationship. Therapists can only do so much as present alternatives on how to go about the relationship. The couple still maintains the primary decision on whether or not to heed the therapists’ advice.

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