Getting Back Together Again


Getting Back with Your Partner – dating is not the answer.

People have the misperception that if they have a date with their partner or if they go away on a vacation with them, things will get better and they will recapture the closeness that they had lost. Going out or going away with each other will only be productive if you know how to communicate properly. The main ingredients here are interest and genuine curiosity about what your partner has to say. Do you ask questions, stay on the subject, and add to the discussion?

Here is the good news; you don’t have to go to Hawaii to have a good conversation. Even busy schedules allow for partners to talk meaningfully to each other. A cup of tea or coffee doesn’t take that long, but the positive effect can last awhile. Being interested in how their day went, or discussing a particular issue that has been upsetting to them will bring the two of you closer together. The important thing here is the consistency of caring and genuine exchanges.

Couples that feel closer to each other are those folks who talk to each other in a curious and interested way on a regular basis.

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