Ladies…Here Is My Tip To Enhance Your Love Life


Good Morning,

I often talk to clients who are in long term relationships and feel BORED with their sex life. Even if your relationship is “strong” and you are both “happy”, you can still feel bored on occasion when it comes to sex.

I have also found, that women who were married around 15 to 20 years ago, are less sexually progressive, and tend not to talk about sex to their husbands, or express their sexual desires. Some “shut down” their desire for sex and become focused on other needs.

What does this do to their relationship?

As I am an Infidelity Recovery Specialist, you can guess what I am about to say next. If you guessed that the husband strayed, you would be right. But also, the woman will also find herself  “emotionally attached” to something else – perhaps another man who is available to hear her talk about her life concerns (think neighbour, church friend, friend of the family, work colleague). Or perhaps she turns to food, drugs, booze, exercise, or her children for this emotional connection.

What to do about enhancing a dull sex life?

There are many thing you can do, and we could tailor a plan you for in a personal coaching session. For now, you need to consider to get out of your comfort zone. You need to be the leader in the bedroom for the next 21 Days. I want you to be the initiator and do not accept excuses from your man. Even if the intimate connection is just being close with each other sharing intimate conversation – that is great. But ensure you do this minimum 3 times per week, over the next 21 Days.

To start the ball rolling, you can consider sex toys. I have listed a site I recommend for reviewing more information on this topic. (See the article below)

Let me know how this works out for you, or if you are a female and you have an AMAZING sex life, PLEASE share your tips and advice.

Have an amazing day!




Toxins in your Sexual Health Products

By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Founder of &

With over 80% of women using sexual products and more men starting to use them it seems there is a trend for sexual creativity like never before. However, did you know that many of the sexual products on the market contain toxins in them? Did you know that because sex toys are classified as novelties they do not have to be safe for sexual use under FDA regulations?

From personal lubricants that contain unhealthy ingredients such as Parabens to sex toys that contain phthalates and lead there is a serious need for concern. Seventy percent of sex toysare manufactured in China and little documentation of what is in them leave most consumers in the dark.

The good news is that there is a new movement that is growing toward the manufacturing of safe, nontoxic sexual products. In this article, we will review some of the basic information that you need to make educated and empowering choices when it comes to your sexual health products.

Even Most Sex Toy Sellers Are Confused

Some sex toy shops and sex toy party consultants are just flat out giving consumers the wrong information. In fact, it is difficult for any sex toy seller to give you correct information about the products they are selling for a couple reasons-

1)    Manufacturers often do not provide that information on the product packaging or when they sell them as they are not required to by law.
2)    Often a sex toy is made for multiple companies and is private labeled so in many instances it is impossible to find out who really manufactured the sex toy let alone what is in it. This is very common, especially with sex toy party companies and large, chain sex toy retailers.

How does this work?
A manufacturer that makes a sex toy for one company will re-box it and sell it to another company under a private label using a different product name (not letting you know they made it). Most retailers and sex toy party companies do this so that they can have their own company brand on the sex toy and so that they can charge whatever they want. This keeps consumers from comparing prices and in the dark about who really makes it.

Avoiding Confusion

Depending on an adult store to inform you of what is nontoxic is not always a good idea. In most cases, employees and representatives of the sex toy company do not even know about private labeling practices, let alone about the materials or products sold other than their sexual function.

When our team did some undercover research, we found that many party consultants and store employees were telling people that all of their sex toys were safe when some were known to have toxins in them. This is not to say that they were lying, rather in most cases they had no idea and either assumed or had been told they were safe by their company owners. In other situations we found them using scare tactics to upsell the consumer into buying really expensive sex toys. The truth is that there are many choices of safe sex toys that range in price from low to high.

You may find that some sex toy shops that seem helpful go so far as to have a ‘toxicity scale’ which is supposed to measure the safety of their sex toys from one to ten; the latter being the safest level. These scales claim to be measuring several factors including how porous and sterile a sex toy is as well as what the main material is in the sex toy.

The problem with such scales is determining what is a little safe versus what is very safe. This gimmicky scale method seems a rather poor way to inform customers of what is safe and what isn’t. In addition, we found that many web sites and stores had overly general messages such as- ALL jelly style sex toys are toxic and full of phthalates (toxic plasticizers used to soften PVC vinyls), but that would not necessarily be true. Some jelly style products are not made withphthalates and are nontoxic.

Another issue that is often mentioned incorrectly is the smell factor. Generally, it has been said that you can smell toxins through what is commonly referred to as that ‘new shower curtain smell’. What some experts are claiming is that it is the smell of poisonous chemicals that are off-gassing from the PVC. However, that is not true as Phthalates for example, do not have a smell, yet are considered toxic.

An example of something having a smell but that is not toxic is the material used in the Clone-a-Willy & Make Your Own Dildo Kits that are very popular. They are made from a polymer that is safe, however, it initially has a smell until it is completely dry. This is called off-gassing, which is not an indicator of toxicity. However, many may think because it has a smell that it is toxic. In truth, it is the Amine within it (a safe type of food grade digestible drug that is used in condoms) that makes it smell initially until it is done off-gassing.

Toxins in Personal Lubricants

Personal lubricants have become so common place that you can get them at your local grocery store. However, did you know that many of them have Parbens in them? Parabens are a known toxin that alters estrogen in women, increases allergic reactions, decreases sperm cell count in males, contributes to skin cancer and causes problems to fetal development for pregnant women.

Like sex toys, these go into some of the most porous parts of our bodies. This would make absorption of toxins quite easy.

For example, when a study was released that Benzocaine (found in most sexual desensitizers) can cause irregular heartbeats and even death, nothing was done to warn consumers about it and many adult stores and even grocery and drug stores still sell them.

What Holistic Wisdom Is Doing About Sex Toy Safety?

It can be confusing enough just to pick out a sex toy, so our team of researchers put together many free articles and resources on our website to educate and empower. Our hope is to raise the bar when it comes to sex toy safety and to provide truthful, responsible information to consumers. We have gone straight to the manufacturers as well as consulted with multiple chemists to find out about every sex toy we carry. We have researched each product to determine what it is constructed of and if it falls under what we know to be safe. When we encounter questionable materials, we err on the side of caution and refuse to carry products that contain them.

We are the first company to sell only nontoxic products because we believe that sex toys, personal lubricants, bedroom gear, etc. should be relaxing, fun and pleasurable, not a health risk.

Common Toxins Found in Sexual Health Products & Related Health Risks

Parbens –
Found in many personal lubricants. Health Risks: Alters estrogen in women, increases allergic reactions, decreases sperm cell count in males, contributes to skin cancer and causes problems to fetal development for pregnant women.

Phthalates –
Found in sexual products such as dildos and vibrators as well as some fragranced products.
Common Myth: that you can tell by the ‘new car’ smell, however, phthalates do not have a scent and cannot be detected by smell. Health Risks: Endocrine disrupters that have been linked to – breast cancer, reduced sperm count, ADHD, liver damage, insulin resistance, metabolic interference (contributing to obesity), asthma and allergies, premature breast development in girls, abnormal genital development in males (small penis, undescended testicles), autism and low birth weight in infants.

Triclosan –
Found in sexual products such as sex toy cleaners, genital hygiene products. Commonly found in many antibacterial and antifungal products. Health Risks: Endocrine disrupters that have been linked to – allergies, creating bacterial resistance, abnormal thyroid functioning, disrupts normal growth. When combined with chlorine in tap water to form chloroform which has been linked to cancer.

2-Butoxyethanol –
Found in sexual products such as dildos and vibrators with latex paints, sex toy cleaners in the form of liquid soaps and cosmetics.Health Risks: Irritation of mucous membranes of the throat, nose and eyes. Heavy exposure through breathing it, getting it on your skin or eating it can lead to pulmonary edema, metabolic acidosis, hypotension, hemolysis, and coma.

Lead Paint –
Found in sexual products such as glass dildos and vibrators. Health Risks: Causes damage to the nervous system, stunted growth and delayed development. It can also cause kidney damage.


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