Why would you want to Monitor your Relationship?

 computer spying
Investigating the possibility of an affair puts an end to the illusion of a fairy tale relationship, where there is complete trust and unfaltering devotion to one’s partner.  But the statistics tell us that this blind trust and devotion is what cheaters bank on when they sleep with others, relying on the fact that blind trust means they will never be questioned.
The gut instinct is the most powerful indicator of a cheating lover.  According to one study, 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct.  Similarly, 58% of men who feel their lover is cheating are correct.  It may not seem obvious, but if you suspect something is not right, at the very least it is worth investigating.
What are some of the Signs of Cheating?
  • Overtime at Work
  • Lying about small things
  • Loss of attention
  • Grooming habits change
  • Secretive about their schedule
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Spends less time with you
  • Mobile phone changes

What ever the reasons for cheating, they often don’t realize the pain, humiliation and damage, cheating does.

  • Cheating destroys families
  • Cheating wrecks relationships
  • Cheating damages trust

It’s a hard truth to swallow, but its a truth that needs to be known.  But is is the first step towards changing your life from your current state of worry and misery.

Help yourself right now and find out whats really going on in your relationship.

Find the Truth,

Spy Gear Expert
P.S.   If you have any questions after checking out all the options Ive provided just comment below

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