Bob helps his daughters to “blog” as a new skill

Hi I’m Bob Polan and like many of us I’m a blogger.
I’m also the father of three lovely girls. I brought them into this world and as time has gone by I realized the challenges they and their generation are facing when it comes to the job market are big ones.

Here’s my thoughts on the future they face :

Education offered by Traditional Universities and old school collages is far over rated and over priced. The solution to their unemployment or underemployment will not be a degree. It will be marketable skills for the future.

One of those skills is blogging. I don’t know if any of the Universities teach it but I think the course I’m taking is probably one of the best available. You can check it out right here:

I’ve been blogging for years now and I make a lot of m.oney as a result but I’m still learning.
I hope you are as well. We are going to need some good strategies and tactics to overcome the challenges of the future.

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