Masterdate: the handy guide to internet dating for guys

Introducing Masterdate:

the handy guide to internet dating for guys


by George Reagan

For all the men who struggle with dating, really struggle, I have great news.

You are not alone. Fifty percent of all single men have not been on a date in the last two years. Other men date occasionally, but never find the success they truly desire. Still others are newly divorced and have re-entered the intimidating world of being single again for the first time since the advent of internet dating.

The truth is there are a lot of lonely men out there.

Masterdate: the handy guide to internet dating for guys, is my personal story of overcoming myriads of obstacles to reach a place where I could enjoy marvelous success with dating. Using internet dating as my primary platform, I dated over 150 women in a four year span.

Now, I wish to invite men everywhere to join me in exploring and learning the unique concepts that enable men to relate to women in an attractive way, including:

– learning the lingua franca that is absolutely essential to effective communication with women.

– Does size really matter? Here are the times it matters the most – and it will surprise you.

– Unique dating advice from none other than Albert Einstein and Han Solo!

– The many good things that happen as a man grows in confidence.

– The difference between a player and one who understands the protocols of seduction.

– How I created my online dating profile that some women called the best they have ever read.

I want men to understand there is a better, more refined version of themselves in the making. Real change is possible, and not only will it make a man a better dater, it will make him a better person as well.

Or more information, please visit!masterdate/

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