The use of gemstones to help in healing



Gemstones Beneficial for Women


Feminine energy is distinctively different from its masculine counterpart – it is palpably softer devoid of any rough edges, is gentle and definitely more giving. There are quite a few gemstones in particular that agree more with the feminine energy system and definitely can aid in maintaining balance and keeping it healthy. Contrary to beliefs that have been generated by a suave marketing strategy, the Shastras-sacred texts do not advocate wearing of diamonds by women.

Here is a list of actual gemstones that are in particular beneficial for women:

Natural yellow sapphire: This is an excellent gemstone for improving marital relationships. In case of young girls still looking at getting married yellow sapphire or Pukhraj as it is known, helps in expediting/ increasing chances of marriage. In the rough and tumble of a rocky marriage, it can bring much peace and harmony.

Natural Pearl: Moon represents the divine feminine and its gemstone – the natural pearl is a reservoir of Moon’s energies. Wearing a natural pearl can greatly help in balancing emotions and getting rid of unnamed fears and unnecessary anxiety. Natural pearl can greatly help in soothing a frayed nervous system. Only 2% of pearls in the world are natural.

Blue Moonstone: Blue moonstone is an alternative/ substitute gemstone for Natural pearl. This gemstone was used by the ancients also as it was believed to boost fertility. The menstrual cycle is a biorhythm, aligned to the lunar cycle. Wearing the Moon’s gemstone – blue moonstone in this case can help regulate the menstrual cycle. This gemstone blesses with peace and radiance.

Natural Amber: Natural Amber is actually a resin but has been granted the status of a gemstone. Remember the yellow amber egg in Jurassic Park that had the Dinosaur DNA preserved in it? That’s exactly what amber does. The amber is famed for being a medium of preservation. Wearing amber can preserve life and aids a relatively disease free time. How’s that for an anti-ageing treatment. It is also a gemstone of truth and saintliness.

Natural Red Coral: Red Coral or moonga as it is known is the gemstone of planet Mars. Women with severe issues of painful periods and general reproductive health issues can benefit by wearing a natural Red coral. It is also a wonderful gem of self protection and wards of evil eye and jealousy from others. Red Coral also is a gem of courage and vitality and helps a meek person find footing and stand up for self. This gem gives the courage combined with stamina to do what one deems right, without fear. It can help establish healthy boundaries.

Natural Peridot: Heart breaks, pain of rejection and emotional baggage can really slow down a person’s progress in life. For a woman, these disturbing events can derail focus and block the realization of potential. Natural peridot is a wonderful gem where healing emotional wounds of the past is concerned. It helps an individual move beyond trauma and get a handle on life. It is also a gem that fosters sensible thinking and curbs mood swings.

Jade: In the Chinese culture, a girl upon her marriage is gifted a precious jade ornament as it signifies tremendous good luck. Natural jade also helps maintain good heart health. Real jade is hard to come by. Usually what is sold in the name of jade is Serpentine or Nephrite.

Rose Quartz: A gemstone with equally soft energies as its name. A very gentle crystal, a rose quartz can invite feel good emotions, romance and love in life.

Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Director and senior astro-gemologist at She is a GIA and PGA certified astro-gemologist. Abhijita is also an NLP practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida.

*Planetary gem therapy is a preventive or can be used as a complimentary measure to medical treatment. It is in no way a substitute for medical treatment and care.

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