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Why getting in shape isn’t enough to make him love you . . .

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You’ve been a “good girl” busting your butt in the gym.

You’re weight is dropping… you’re starting to feel a bit sexy.

When you look in the mirror… you’re starting to feel less insecure about your body.

Since you’re feeling a bit more… voluptuous… you might have an itch to be a bit naughty.

And by naughty I don’t mean having a “cheat day” with some chocolate.

No… I the naughty I’m referring to is the “cardio” that involves toe curling… sheet ripping… powerful passionate connection that leaves you exhausted and satisfied.

Well, If you’ve been a “good” girl who’s feeling that crazy itch to be just a LITTLE bit naughty you have to go watch this video right now…

What I love about this video is that it teaches you the secret of being INCREDIBLY sexy and alluring to a man without ever acting or feeling “slutty”…

In fact, when you watch this you’ll learn how to get a man more turned on and desperate for YOU…

While fully clothed…

Acting totally innocent…

Than any other woman he’s ever met could while totally naked…

Do me a favor, fill in the blank: The only erogenous zone on a man that matters is his _______.

Do you know the answer?

Do you know how to USE the answer?


Jessica London – Author Of “Cheating, Spying, Lying” & How to Date Attractive Women Online”

P.S. The reason so many men “pull away” from women is because women don’t understand this naughty secret about men…




Holding tight you dream makes your dream hold you tight” is a promise made to us by Vin Deca featuring Myra Maimoh in “I Encourage You”, a brand new dance – Pop release from the dance album “Electro Positive Plus”. “I Encourage You” was written in 2008 by Vin Deca particularly to and for himself to help keep him focused as he faced the new level new devil phenomenon while combating the difficulties of the music industry.

First released as a contemporary pop song in 2011 by Myra Maimoh on the “Album Answer’d Me”, the song gained such great resonance with the public that it spent over two months on the NCM charts.

After finding out that the song continued to be relevant to many since its release in 2011, Vin Deca decided to remix “I Encourage You” using todays sound and style. Four remixes of the song were recorded with the version “I Encourage You (Ebenholz Remix)” getting most favoured by radio stations and is thus receiving a great amount of radio play worldwide.

The smooth and uplifting song with an urban progressive sound comparable to that of Clean Bandit, Avicii and Mr.Probz is out now, a digital only release and is available everywhere online.

Save Time and Money by Detailing with Detailer’s Helper!

dh_logo_color_whitebgSave Time and Money by Detailing with Detailer’s Helper!

Detailer’s Helper is a paint-friendly, auto detailing tool belt designed to help professional and hobbyist detailers and car guys/girls work smarter, safer, and faster! As a professional detailer, when you work faster and more efficiently, you make more money!

An inside look to the invention of The WaterSlyde

WS_logo_w_taglineAn inside look to the invention of The WaterSlyde
By Maureen Pollack
Many have asked how I came up with the idea to invent The WaterSlyde. Well, here it is: When I was 15 a fortunate accident happened in the bathtub. While attempting to sit up, I grabbed onto the bathtub’s spout. It fell off off and the water came shooting out, spraying me in the face. I quickly scooted back. Well, then, the water spayed me in a more pleasurable place. Needless to say, I took as many baths as I could until the spout was fixed. I knew then I wanted to create a device to replicate that experience.

Now, 17 years later, with the encouragement from my OBGYN, I invented The WaterSlyde.

The WaterSlyde is a sleek plastic water diverter that easily attaches to most forward facing bathtub spouts. The water flow is easily directed to the midline of the bathtub, allowing a woman to comfortably position herself such that the water falls directly to where it counts.

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