Relationship Counseling

Phone Sessions  •  Full Day “House Calls”  •  Office Visits

You know your situation better than anyone else. But you’re actually the one LEAST LIKELY to see how to resolve it.

It’s not that you’re not smart or insightful; you’re simply TOO CLOSE to see your relationship clearly.

Like an elderly person trying to read fine print, the secret is getting distance. In the case of your marriage, “distance” comes from working with a 3rd party professional.


Q: Okay Savannah, I want your help. But I don’t live in Las Vegas or Santa Monica . How does this work?

A: It doesn’t matter where you live. I work regularly with people from all over the world. I do phone sessions and Skype counseling with couples and individuals from around the world.

Q: What exactly do you mean by a “phone session” and how does it work?

A: Simple. We schedule an appointment for a mutually convenient time and we do the session over the telephone.

Q: What’s a “house call?

A: I make “house calls,” which means that I travel to your location and lead you and your spouse through a full day intensive private seminar experience. This is transformational and there’s no substitute for me spending an entire day face to face with you and your spouse helping you get to the root of your problems and creating a breakthrough experience that will put your marriage on a new path.

Q: What about payment?

A: Payment is required UPON SCHEDULING. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. See FEES

Q: Will my insurance company pay for this?

A: That’s up to your insurance company. I’ll be happy to provide you with a receipt for all services performed which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

To make an appointment for a private session or if you have questions, please email

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