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Cheating wives take revenge

spyVictoria Milan has an interesting blog site, perfect for those who have felt the heart break of an extra-martial affair. I contacted Victoria only recently, to find out that she had been doing alot of work in surveying the websites members.

The results were quite interesting

More than a quarter of men and women surveyed said they would have a desire to level the playing field if they discovered their partner was cheating, with an amazing division on who the recipient of the revenge would be. Almost 80% of women would try to get back at their partner, while nearly 90% of men would direct their anger towards their partner’s lover.

I know this to be true from my own clinical work with couples in Las Vegas over the last few years. Even though the couples would come into the clinic wanting to restore the relationship, the first natural instinctive thoughts are for revenge to the unfaithful partner.

The survey asked about the types of revenge they would inflict:

For Women

Almost a quarter of women will destroy something their partner cares about – expect smashed windscreens and damage to your paintwork, gentlemen. 23% said they would level the playing field by having an affair of their own, and 19% said they would find the mistress and make trouble for her.

For Men

Men on the other hand are set on causing trouble for their partner’s lover, with 64% making it their mission to seek and destroy the object of their lady’s affections. 22% said they would leave their cheating partner immediately and 9% said they would embark on an adulterous adventure of their own to get revenge.

To read more of Victoria Milan’s survey, go to:

Going On An Internet Date


There are thousands of success stories from online dating, thousands of couples that are enjoying the benefits of the Internet. Without question, online dating has expanded the social circles of millions, making it possible to find people with common interests with a minimal of effort. Background check services can be used to verify the identity of potential friends and dates before you meet, saving you from disappointment or worse.


People have formed relationships with people through the internet only to find out later that their partner was lying about being single, hiding a criminal past or sex offender conviction or using the relationship to get money. That’s why it’s so important to find out as much as you can about potential friends and dates before committing to anything.


Most online dating sites offer a set of rules to help people avoid being hurt emotionally, physically or financially. One should never give out personal details such as one’s address or the place where they work. Some online dating sites conduct their own background or verification checks.


An online dating background check is useful for finding out if a potential date has been honest about themselves in their profile and in conversation. The online dating background check can reveal important things like whether someone is married, has a criminal record, a sex offender conviction, declared bankruptcy or has some other significant financial problems. By doing an online dating background check you can verify the person you have grown attached to is really who they say they are. One story I saw about online dating, told the tale of a man who waited too long to conduct an online dating background check. He had already married his online sweetheart when he found out she had lied about several parts of her past and was still married to someone else. Such heartbreaks or frauds can be avoided by doing an background check.


It is advisable that when you do wish to conduct a background check, you hire private investigators to do so. They are mostly retired policemen or someone from that particular line of work, hence they have experience with such methods. They can be more discrete than an average person and also have access to different databases that aid in their search. Also, if one decides to conduct a background check by oneself, one may waste lots of time in doing so. Private Investigators help by saving your time and energy.


No matter how sure you are of the sites’ security, always take precautions to protect yourself. One can never be too cautious.