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If there is one thing I always talk about to my couples during marriage counseling, it is to spend quality time together. I also insist that they and the kids, do memorable things together such as share special holidays, vacations, and weekly family activities.

“A family that plays together, stays together!” – Savannah Ellis


I totally understand, that not every family can afford to do activities out side of the family home. We all know that taking a family out to eat at anywhere half decent, can cost a fortune! Right?

Well I found a little book for you to help you with this exact problem. How to have a Super Vacation, Holiday or Fun Event Without Overspending, by Maurice Tuck. It’s packed (194 pages) full of ideas!

What is this book about?

In How to have a Super Vacation, Holiday or Fun Event Without Overspending, Maurice Tuck takes you on a fascinating adventure with his concepts of how to have a wonderful time planning your next event spending, with his money saver tips that you maybe overlooking.

These holiday spending tips apply to going on Vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and various parties including Super Bowl Parties.

He takes you to a deeper level of how to enjoy those special events on a limited budget. As an added bonus he has applied these concepts to Frugal Living.

Each chapter is filled with amazing ideas on planning for that occasion and providing fundamentals on how to spend wisely and get the most BANG for your buck.

Maurice’s passion for everyone to reconsider their own approach to holidays, vacations and fun events without overspending comes across on every page.


Cheating Myth #2

Myth #2

Most affairs are sexually driven.

When someone discusses cheating, what is the first image that comes to mind? Secret texts? Late-night rendezvous? Lying and manipulation? For many the image is of two people who have been overtaken by mutual sexual desire. A cheating spouse is seen as someone who turns away from family love and selfishly seeks the affections of another. That may be one aspect, but it is not the root cause of infidelity.

In reality, most people have affairs for emotional reasons, not sexual ones. Is this you? You felt ignored by your partner. You felt your needs were unimportant. You felt hurt, and even angry, and did not know what to do with these feelings. Once you felt that your spouse did not care about you, you may have found yourself more open to the attentions of others. When you felt abandoned by your mate, you were able to justify spending time with people who made you feel that you matter. At that point, you were only one small step away from attraction and unfaithfulness. 

Infidelity Recovery Home Study Couple Course

Now Is The Time To Get Started

The 7 Step Home Study Program is designed for couples who need to recover from the trauma of affairs. Both people suffer during this time. Both people are emotionally vulnerable to make poor decisions. You may not even want your relationship to continue after you work through the 7 Steps. But you do need a structured, systematic method for moving through this time….

This is the clinically proven system.

couple IRI 1

 I never expected my husband to forgive me. My guilt was overwhelming. The 7 Step Home Study Program told me what I needed to do “step by step” to create transparencytrust, and show him how much I truly care. By Step 7 we both were ready to recommit our lives to each other, and have since planned our 2nd wedding this coming December.


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

“If my system does not work for you, then I want you to call me or e-mail me, and I will refund your money.”

If you don’t experience a softening in your relationship
If your unwilling spouse does not become willing

If you don’t resolve your emotions

If you cannot restore the trust back into your relationship

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Live to Love,

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Getting Back Together Again


Getting Back with Your Partner – dating is not the answer.

People have the misperception that if they have a date with their partner or if they go away on a vacation with them, things will get better and they will recapture the closeness that they had lost. Going out or going away with each other will only be productive if you know how to communicate properly. The main ingredients here are interest and genuine curiosity about what your partner has to say. Do you ask questions, stay on the subject, and add to the discussion?

Here is the good news; you don’t have to go to Hawaii to have a good conversation. Even busy schedules allow for partners to talk meaningfully to each other. A cup of tea or coffee doesn’t take that long, but the positive effect can last awhile. Being interested in how their day went, or discussing a particular issue that has been upsetting to them will bring the two of you closer together. The important thing here is the consistency of caring and genuine exchanges.

Couples that feel closer to each other are those folks who talk to each other in a curious and interested way on a regular basis.